Project Write On This site has multiple support for 6-traits. The PowerPoint to introduce the traits provides instructional suggestions. See side bar for other topics. See six sassy sentences, use the pictures or add your own to practice the strategies.

This presentation provides a basic introduction to the 6-traits.

Six Traits Writing Strategies This presentation by Jim Collins reviews Writing Workshop and the indication of 6-traits in Writing Workshop and Gradual Release of Responsibility. Each trait is explained, followed by strategies to teach each trait.


the following resources are compiled from Jeff Anderson's site. They include the Viewer's Guide for his video Craft of Grammar, 20 most common errors, as well as copies of all of the FANBOYS posters to teach compound sentences.

Reading Writing Poster Pack 17 Posters related to the 6-traits and Writing Workshop

6-Trait Posters Download posters to help teach the traits.


The 6+1 Traits—pioneered by Education Northwest more than 20 years ago— they continue to train in the model to improve writing instruction. See lessons and prompts.

Interactive 6 Trait Writing Process This web site provides an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and improving student writing based on the Six Traits Writing mode

Most Popular Picture Books This site from Writing Fix developed by the Northern Nevada Writing Project includes books, lesson plans, student samples based on picture books for teaching each of the 6 traits. Some of the examples show how the same picture book could be used across grade levels. Many of the lessons in the Northern Nevada Writing Project include interactive prompts. See home page, genre support and other resources from this outstanding site for 6 Traits.

Northwest Regional Education Laboratory has prepared this resource for classroom use to support the 6 traits.

Writing Prompts for Expository Writing Sample prompts to encourage and focus student writing