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An Open Letter From Undocumented Students This open letter by high school students appeared in Education Weekly.with a commentary by their instructor, Mary Jewell.
Incorporating Service Learning with ELLs, Improving Academic Grades and Attitude about School.Professional paper in partial fulfillment of Master's degree.
TESOL Advocacy Resources
TESOL underwrites programs and undertakes a variety of projects with the aim of furthering respect for the profession of TESOL, for its practitioners, and for the profession's student constituency. TESOL's advocacy program addresses issues that affect the profession in the United States and elsewhere.

Advocacy for English Learners, A Guide for Educators by Diane /Staehr-Fenner This is the first book published devoted specifically to advocacy for ELs.

ESL etc. Global Issues and Activism in English Language Teaching

ICIRR Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights Their partners list provides links to many of the organizations in Illinois serving Immigrants

Immigrant Youth Justice League
IYJL is a Chicago-based organization led by undocumented youth working towards full recognition of the rights and contributions of all immigrants.
Undocumented Workers Struggle for Rights to Education and Rights to Stay
English Language Learners Advocacy Program
Reading And Beyond’s continuing mission is to empower children and families to achieve productive, self-reliant lives. The (ELLA) Program strives to achieve the ultimate impact that English Language Learner (ELL) students will graduate high school prepared and eligible to attend a four-year-university.

An Open Letter From Undocumented Students article By Mary Jewell with student letter

Teaching Tolerance, a Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center See Lesson plans and free DVDs. Rec. by Miguel Castillo

A place for educators to find thought-provoking news, conversation and support for those who care about diversity, equal opportunity and respect for differences in schools

Mental Karate provides a simple, easy-to-use curriculum that increases student engagement and intrinsic motivation. Kids meet mental challenges that they set for themselves which earn them Karate bands.

The program incorporates a lot of reflective writing. The success stories are impressive, and Mawi Asegodom, the developer, is an immigrant motivational speaker who is extremely effective with teens.

Counseling Resources See this page for additional resources.