Middle School Public Debate Program Topics and links to debates for middle school students. May provide more comprehensible input for ELLs in HS.

Pros & Cons of Controversial Issues This free site offers pro and con support for current controversial issues. Notice that there is a listening option on each page. See Immigration example and . Explore the options in the box on the home pages/sidebar. Don't miss Top Pro Con Arguments. Also top pro, con quotes to help students cite evidence. Note that many have video support. For ELLs and students with limited prior knowledge, some video resources could be used first. Student teams/pairs/or individuals can collaborate to write reader comments on the site.

Debatepedia is a wiki encyclopedia of debates, arguments, and supporting quotations. Its mission is to become "the Wikipedia of debates". It is a place where we can all work together as editors, via the same wiki technology driving Wikipedia, to frame the arguments in public debates.

Chart: Argument, Persuasion, Propoganda This chart by Read, Write and Think compares and contrasts these three forms of writing

Room for Debate This resources from the New York Times provides resources for diverse points of view related to controversial issues. See also the Opinion Pages in the New York Times. However, Room for Debate is easier to use with a range of learners.


Graphic Organizer for Debatable Issues from the New York Times.

Resources for Classroom Debates from Education World with Links to both elementary and secondary .

Literacy Tools, Sample Argumentation Modules for secondary LA, Science, and Social Sciences using LDC template See Common Core