Graphic Representation of Chapters 1 and 2

Assignment to Write Big Ideas aligned with Illinois Learning Standards

The examples are from an 2010 ESL Methods Course For more support select Big Ideas-Understandings with lots of examples.

EXAMPLES OF FINAL PROJECT Select to see multiple examples Administrators see both assignment and project examples in this link. For additional clinical options see below.

This link primarily explains various final projects for the range of participants who take ESL Methods courses through the IRC.

Assignment options if not currently teaching while taking an ESL Methods Course:

See project options explained in the link above..

Clinical options

  1. Observe classes with ELLs, write a running record of the class. If possible, summarize the range of ELLs in the class using the WIDA levels of English language proficiency terms. Identify effective practices for ELLs and suggest ways to enhance the instruction for the the video. If you are not able to observe a class with ELLs, suggest the modifications that would be needed for ELLs from the Developing level and above. See the format used in 3, if desired.
  2. Watch a video clip, two if shorter than 10 minutes and reflect on the video as if observing the class. (See 1 for focus and/or 3 for observation example.) Go to Video Resources for links. You can also check out videos from The Center Library.
  3. Read some of the classroom observations conducted by Jeanette Gordon and reflect on the comments made. Provide additional suggestions. Suggest how you might apply some of the strategies when you become a teacher OR, if an administrator, how you might use the observation format or the strategies to support your own teachers. See the Classroom Observations page for examples.