Resources to Introduce Big Ideas/Understandings

. Cheryl Urow provides a very teacher-friendly explanation of big ideas with elementary examples. The following article by J Gordon provides explanations with older grade level examples.

This PowerPoint, part of an online presentation about concept-based curriculum development includes explanations and examples of what students will Understand, Know, and be able to Do, lesson planning terms used by Understanding by Design. This PowerPoint includes activities to distinguish understand, know and do. It could be used in-class or as a resource for teachers. Note: The IRC is using the terms big ideas and understandings interchangeably. Understanding by Design, uses the term understanding. They use the term big idea in different ways.

Big Idea Support Resources for Teachers

Big Ideas - Understandings Online resources Jeanette Gordon has collected in her favorites. See the MUST SEE resources first, then look for those that most pertain to your grade or content. Be sure to see the Illinois example from School District 21.

This is J Gordon's reply to a teacher who was developing curriculum for her preschool class.

Current Examples of Big Idea Assignment

These examples of an assignment to write big ideas in an ESL Methods course Fall 2010

Examples of Big Idea Assignments from other courses

The examples are from the Innovative Methods Course where the students were asked to submit Theme, Topic, Understandings and Objectives.