Why Teachers Should Read the ELPD Framework. This resource provides important teacher info and a LINK to the Framework for ELPD Standards Corresponding to the Common Core state Standards and the New Generation of Science Standards

Common Core Webinar Series CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers)

MUST SEE. Webinar PowerPoints Includes ELD specific with Math, Science, similar to Language Arts also added below.

Building on the Common Core State Standards to Improve Learning for English Language Learners.

The Alliance for Excellent Education. This webinar on the transition to Common Core State Standards and Next-Generation Science Standards presents both opportunities and challenges for the growing number of English language learners.
UNDERSTANDING LANGUAGE: Must See Resource. See Language Arts, complete 5 week unit on Persuasion for Middle School. See Math samples lessons, Science in development. Select the Papers Tab for related papers.
The Role of Language and Literacy in College- and Career-Ready Standards:Rethinking Policy and Practice in Support of English Language Learners
English Language Learners and English Language Arts: Using the ELPD Framework PowerPoint from a Webinar

**Common Core State Standards for ELLs** This Colorín Colorado resource section explores what the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) will mean for English language learners. Resources include articles, research reports, video interviews, and implementation guideline. See the related blog Featuring ELL expert Dr. Diane Staehr Fenner.

Common Core and ELLs Videos, the direct link from Colorín Colorado.

The Common Challenge for ELLs by Rhoda Coleman and Claude Goldenberg

Understanding Language aims to heighten educator awareness of the critical role that language plays in the new Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

Common Core for the Not-So_Common Learner, Grades K-5,English Language Arts Strategies " In this realistic, thorough book, Maria Dove and Andrea Honigsfeld show how to help every K-5 student, including English Learners, students with disabilities, speakers of nonstandard English, and other struggling learners, meet the Common Core Standards for(ELA)" See also Common Core for the Not-So-Common Learner, Grades 6=12 Rec. by Margo Gottlieb.

TESOL Discussion: What is the role of the ESL teacher in the Common Core?Lydia Breiseth

General Resources, Not ELL specific

Making a Difference in Student Achievement This PCG Education white paper gives a quick overview of eight differences between CCSS-ELA standards and current state standards, and outlines actions that school and district leaders must take to unlock the potential of the CCSS for K–12 students.

Common Core Teaching and Learning Strategies English Language Arts Reading Literature ****Grades K-5****, not ESL specific but Illinois support for Common Core. Resource for strategies, scaffolding with very helpful graphic organizers. Common Core Teaching and Learning Strategies English & Language Arts Reading Informational Text **Grades 6-12**

EduCore: Tools for Teaching the Common Core-ASCD Free tools to help implement the Common Core, not ESL specific, but a Powerful free resource with sample lessons, templates, etc.

Literacy Design Collaborative LDC Free tools for the Common Core using the LDC design. Enroll to obtain the task templates that can be modified for CCSS types of tasks. As you develop Curriculum for CCSS seek to integrate the ELD standards. For a quick list of the LDC Template Task Collection, see a summary and brief explanation.

This article by Jay McTighe compares Literacy Design Collaborative and Understanding by Design and explains how they can compliment each other for curriculum development.
The Mathematics Assessment Program (MAP) (Not ESL specific, but great differentiated resources for Common Core State Standards (CCSSM) Dev. by MARS Mathematics Assessment Service. Select the Task option for "Expert, Apprentice, and Novice options. Rec. by Rebecca Resnick.

Common Core State Standards: Where Does Differentiation Fit? Carol Ann Tomlinson and Sherida Britt Webinar with examples and PowerPoint slides.

The Core Six: The Right Research-based Strategies Building 21st Century Skills by Harvey F. Silver. Outstanding support for strategies to teach to Common Core skills. See Core Six book.

From Common Core Standards to Curriculum:Five Big Ideas, This article by Jay McTighe & Grant Wiggins explores five big ideas about the Common Core State Standards and their translation into a curriculum. While not ESL specific, their guidance for curriculum development is helpful since curriculum for ELLs must include and be incorporated into the district curriculum.
Educurious: Learning that Connects: Secondary project-based learning tied to Common Core. Some free units.
TCH Teaching Channel Free teaching videos on multiple topics. While not ESL specific, the videos can help teachers understand the Common Core. Consider and discuss ways to make the sample lessons appropriate for a range of ELLs.