This page provides observations where ESL, General Education, or collaborating teachers were implementing the components of the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol in their classes.
Note: The following observations were made of teachers in Virginia by Jeanette Gordon. The teachers had been trained in Understanding by Design, The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol and were involved in a series of workshops with Jeanette. The teachers were given a pre-observation form to complete if they chose to. If they did not answer some of the questions, those were deleted in the write up. They also had the option of using a different format of their choice to communicate prior to the lesson. During the observations Jeanette kept a running record of what she observed in the left column. On the right, she made comments, focusing on applications of SIOP. The post conference questions and answers are included.

The first example is a 1st grade general education teacher is implementing a math lesson. The second example is a 2nd grade pull-out ESL teacher implementing a lesson on weather.

The third grade examples are general education teachers, the first example a science lesson, the second a math lesson. The two fourth grade examples are both co-teaching examples of ESL teachers collaborating with general education teachers on social studies lessons. In one the ESL teacher supported the instruction. In the last example, they were doing parallel teaching. I observed the ESL teacher with her small group.
The first fifth grade example is co-teaching by a general education and ESL teacher in a science lesson, the second is a general education instructor teaching math. The third is an example of ESL pull-out where the ESL instructor is teaching social studies. The 4th is a general education teacher teaching social studies. The 5th example is a mainstream teacher teaching language arts, but the ESL support teacher attended the post conference. The 6th example is a a general education teacher teaching science. The last example is an ESL teacher pulling out the ESL students for language arts..