COLLABORATION AND CO-TEACHING: STRATEGIES FOR ENGLISH LEARNERS: This is a website by Andrea Honigsfeld and Maria Dove devoted specifically to co-teaching for ELLs. See videos, articles, presentations.

Collaboration and Co-Teaching: Strategies for English Learners

This book by Andrea Honigsfeld and Maria G. Dove provides a guide to collaboration and co-teaching between general education teachers and ESL specialists to better serve the needs of ELLs. Offering classroom vignettes, step-by-step guidelines, ready-to-use resources, and in-depth case studies.

A scanned copy of the handouts provided at the 38th Annual Statewide Conference for Teachers of Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students

Andrea Honigsfeld was a featured speaker and gave a break-out presentation. See the video clip resources.

Pushing Back Against Push In: ESOL Teacher Resistance and the Complexities of CO-Teaching, by Greg McClure and Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor, University of Georgia.

The full study is no longer available for free. However, Jeanette Gordon feels this is an important study to read if doing co-teaching between ESL and general education instructors. "Data from the study suggest that coteaching is a complex social act influenced by hierarchical relations of power and status in the school setting. Performance-based focus groups reveal that language, race, and ethnicity also are implicated as important social factors in the coteaching enterprise. In the context of these demographic and instructional trends, this study offers timely insight into the challenges, complexities, and possibilities of coteaching, with clear implications for pedagogy and professional development." Rec. by Barb Marler

A “Continuum” Model of Collaboration in ESL, Article by Laura H. Baecher and Angela B. Bell

Collaborative Teaching: Are Two Teachers Better Than One? Everything ESL blog by Judy Haynes January 17, 2011