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Resources for School Counselors and Latino Students This site was developed by a bilingual counselor. Some of the resources on this page were taken from her site. See also their school counseling site. Developing such a site would be a great project for High School tech students.

ELL Student Success: the Path to College Selected resources from Colorin Colorado Note: Colorin Colorado has multiple school-related resources for parents in Spanish.

HS Concerns for Counseling LEP/ELL Slides form PowerPoint developed by Yolanda Delgado-Villao New York State Regional Bil. Ed. Resource Network

Meeting the Challenges Together: School Counselors Collaborating With Students and Families With Low Income

A Strengths-Based Approach to Promoting Prosocial Behavior among African American and Latino Students

This article presents an overview of a strengths-based school discipline initiative that was developed in response to the high suspension and expulsion rates of African American and Latino male students at a racially diverse, urban high school in California. Students took the lead in the project.

Roberto Armendariz: Un Líder en Acción This link is an interview in Spanish by Univision Chicago with Roberto Armendariz about his personal adaptations to this country and the work he has done through soccer to provide athletic options and educational challenges to the local youth as well as college scholarships to more than 300 Hispanic students. Roberto Armendariz also serves as a Member of the Board for The Center, the Illinois service agency where the developer of this wiki is an employee.

Promoting Latino Student Achievement and Development Through the ASCA National Model® Abstract of article, link to purchase.

PEW Research Hispanic Center

Demographics, including interactive maps, politics, topics including education, work and college info

CREDE 5 Standards for Effective Pedagogy and Learning

Center for Research on Education, Diversity & Excellence provides resources for the characteristics of effective learning environments most effective for ALL learners but essential for ELLs and minority groups.

Advocacy & Service Learning See this page for additional resources.

WIDA Resources See this WIKI page for information on the ELD Standards and ACCESS. Be sure to see the ACCESS Interpretive Guide


Hispanic Scholarship Fund The nation's largest not-for-profit organization supporting Hispanic higher education. See Publications: Destination College, a PDF guide in Spanish and English to help students prepare for and get into college, STEM Career awareness brochure in Spanish and English, Financial Literacy brochure in Spanish and English. See Find a Scholarship in sidebar.

Scholarship Directory, Search options for scholarships for Latino students. Not all require legal residency.

IL DREAM ACT Undocumented Student Guide to College provides essential information for counselors working with undocumented immigrants. For the most up-to-date information visit the site below.

llinois Dream Fund Scholarships for undocumented students

Illinois State Board of Education Bilingual Dept. Resources for parents