Support Resources for LEA

This resource includes suggestions by Jeanette Gordon for implementing LEA with individuals, in whole-class settings, use of team jigsaw variations with collaborative directions for groups. The article examines common problems with class-generated LEAs in mainstream classes with ELLs based on a 4th grade observation. Lucia Morales participated in revising and compiling the additional resources.

Student examples of LEA

This English Language Learner learned to read after two years of frustration when his teacher, Aimee Edwards began using LEA. This was his first story. WOW, impressive, isn't it?. He was so excited that he learned to read the story which was several grade levels above his prior reading level.

Francisco Viramontes used LEA with his teacher Aimee Edwards to create PowerPoints to summarize the streaming videos he saw related to the science content being taught in class. His assignment was to read each PowerPoint to 10 people. He shared with staff members in the office. He was most excited, and they loved the personal connection with the student.

Examples of LEA Applications by Course Participants

Mariah Taylor, a gen-ed teacher used LEA to teach the trait of Voice in a class-generated retelling of a field trip. The strategies used are explained in more detail in the first resource on this page. LEA is a powerful way to teach, not only reading, but writing.