Dual Language Showcase This site developed by Thornwood Public School in Canada explains and showcases how students in multilingual classes develop their own bilingual books. Such practices are highly effective for teaching English by building on the native language and celebrating the home cultures.

Hawthorne Writes In an elementary school in Ottawa Canada, all students and staff wrote stories that were then translated to multiple languages. Rec. by Cristina Sanchez-Lopez.

Google Language Tools Search topics in students home language. Translate text. Translate a web page. See additional resources. Caution, many translation sites have MANY errors, use only with students with strong literacy skills who would recognize the errors. It is best to use sites in the native language.

International Children's Digital Library Multilingual books online. Select "Using the Library" to see the multiple options.

News and Analysis in 27 Languages Scroll down

Enchanted Learning Downloadable books in various languages, bilingual picture dictionaries, content area graphics and much more.

Foreign Language Online Books Foreign Resources in 43 languages

Unicode and multilingual support in HTML, fonts, Web browsers and other applications Serves as a guide to use different language fonts/scripts on your computer, free access

Spanish-speaking students’ use of cognate knowledge to infer the meaning of English words"

Khan AcademyLibrary of FREE videos that covers K-12 math, science topics in biology, chemistry, physics,finance and history. The site includes practice activities with access to hints and a record of student progress.

This resource was recommended by Fareed Zakahri on a CNN special on education. 60 Minutes also did a special on this. ELLs can [[#|listen]] to the instruction multiple times and pause as needed. There is no talking face, rather illustrations of the directions.SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM BAR TO SELECT MULTIPLE LANGUAGES!