Presentations related to Technology in ESL

This PowerPoint was developed by Allison Baxter and Eric Bodwell to make a presentation to an Innovative Methods Course at the IRC about how Allison, with Eric's [[#|technical support]], used WIKI with Allison's level 2 ELLs. This ESL WIKI is a direct result of that presentation.

Resources on Technology

Technology Moving From No to Yes MUST SEE This is an article by Larry Ferlazzo, an ESL high school teacher, with GREAT links for teachers seeking to use technology in their classes.

PDPresenterToolkit (Must See) This provides professional development for teachers on using WIKI. Select Wiki Presentation in the Workshop section. Be sure to scroll down to see the K-12 examples and lessons for all ages. Watch the WIKI in Plain English video by Common Craft. (See similar technology videos in the Common Craft resource on this page.) See the FREE WIKI options for K-12 educators.

Getting Started With WIKI spaces Learn how to create a user account, a free K-12 Plus Wiki, the basic operations, plus steps for creating accounts for all of your students. See new Wiki for classrooms below.

Wikispaces Classroom New Wiki explicitly for teachers and students.

Poscasting in Plain English

The above link is an ELL-friendly explanation with visual support of Podcasting from Teacher Tube (Brief commercial if not a member)

Common Carft Plain English tech videos

Common Craft creates the Technology in Plain English 3 minute animated videos with simple explanations for multiple purposes. The link will take you to their home page. Select Browse links scroll down bar and go to Technology. Many simple explanations of technology are included. On this site, the videos will have for Examination only on the clips, but that is less distracting then the ads in You Tube. Your district could perhaps purchase the ones to use with [[#|students]].
Podcasting 101 from TeacherTube You can search for 3 parts to Podcasting 101
YouTube Garageband Tutorial clear presentation for the instructor, but many [[#|schools]] can't display YouTube.
GarageBand resources
Translating the Twittertalk, A beginnner's "Twittorial" with twitter sites for ELL teachers.

Using Blogs to Promote Authentic Learning in the Classroom

13 Ways To Use iMovie In The Classroom

Slideshow Builder Create fantastic slideshow using photos, music and video.

A Tech Example developed by Luci Otfaviano A teacher in an ESL Methods class used the technology of PREZI to communicate the big ideas, content and language objectives, and sentence frames to her students. See Prezi info and links

Links to Technology in ESL

Activating Communication: Five Ways to Enhance Communication Using Technology. This WIKI site has great links to help ELLs (and anyone) use technology for authentic communication via diverse modalities. Rec. by Laura Dovlatyan

Technology in the ELL Classroom This resource from ColorĂ­n Colorado provides multiple articles and resources.

Larry Ferlazzo, great ELL linksLarry Ferlazzo is an empowering educator of ELLs.

Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day See the best links for ELLs across the disciplines

ITBE Newsletter Fall 2011 This Newsletter has an article on Brain Pop written by Anne Scatchell who teaches Innovative Methods for the IRC. The newsletter also provides some great tech links for ELLs.

Technology Links This site is a link to the technology resources in J Gordon's favorites. Some were recommended by teachers in ESL Methods courses. Some may be out-dated, but some organizations will remain current.